$130 Premium Pampering Tanglewood Gift Set


Pamper and delight your true love from head to toe with these beautiful Premium Pampering Tanglewood gift sets, full of wonderful skincare goodness! Handcrafted with premium organic ingredients, essential oils, and skin-soothing herbs. Gorgeously gift-boxed set of two.

Available in two varieties:

Lovely Gift Set: Holiday Spice Aroma Drops, Gentle Lavender Lotion Balm, Lemongrass Sugar Scrub, Lovely Lavender & Wild Geranium Bath Soak, Lavender Lip Balm, Rest Easy Relaxation Mist, Wild Radiance Facial Serum, and three lovely, gentle handmade soaps~ Christmas Joy, Willow Grace lavender, oatmeal, honey, and Peaceful Petals rest & relaxation stress-relief soap

Lively Gift Set: Rise & Shine Lemongrass Shower Drops, Lemongrass Lotion Balm, Lemongrass Sugar Scrub, Lively Lemongrass & Calendula Bath Soak, Cinnamon Lip Balm, Rest Easy Relaxation MistWild Radiance Facial Serum, and three uplifting handmade soaps~ Christmas Joy, Free Spirit lemongrass, and Country Christmas