Wool Felted Soap

Neutral Dark
Neutral Light

Wool Felted Soap~ Enjoy a bar of our wonderful, winter spiced handmade Tanglewood soap wrapped in a soft wool that has been felted on. The wool acts as a washcloth built right into the bar of soap!  

Felted soaps are a washcloth and soap, all wrapped conveniently into one. Felted soaps provide mild exfoliation, produce a luxurious lather, and last much longer than uncovered soap! When the bar is finished simply place the used wool into your garden for the birds to feather their nests. 

• Mildly exfoliating - it has a gentle course texture to exfoliate the skin; sloughing off dead cells and  improving overall skin health

• Non-Slip - Reduces the soap slipping out of hands; great for elderly and children

• Handy for traveling and camping~ Anti-microbial, quick drying, convenient all in one washcloths/soap

Made with eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable Alberta wool. The wool shrinks down with the soap, and after soap has dissolved. 

Each soap is hand-felted in a variety of beautiful, neutral natural colours. 

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