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What makes our soap so special?

Our organic artisan hand, body, and natural laundry soaps are made from the finest, least processed ingredients available and are gentle, safe and effective for all skin types and the entire family.

Tanglewood Garden & Farm Soaps
are the lovely, simple collaboration of:

• raw, cold-pressed, high quality certified sustainable, certified organic carrier oils
• organic herbs, plants, and food (any we don't grow ourselves are purchased certified organic)
• certified organic essential oils
• food grade lye

We proudly only use:

Organic Food (spices, herbs, citrus 
zest, fresh juiced vegetables, etc) 
and detoxifiers (activated charcoal 
and superfoods) to create the 
beautiful natural colours and 

• The highest quality 
certified organic essential oils for
scent and aromatherapy benefits.

• Wild Canadian organic medicinal plants,
flowers, and herbs, proudly
collected by hand from the
generous, giving plants growing at
our glorious 80 acre Tanglewood
garden and woodland farm
near Caroline, Alberta, Canada.

• Organic goat milk (when in season and in excess)
for extra soothing soap is
generously provided by our beloved,                                                                      holistically, humanely, wild pasture roaming,  
pet Nubian goats.

We humbly and delightfully turn these amazing gifts from nature into wonderful, skin soothing soaps, lotions, botanical deodorants, and much more!

Since 2014 our family owned small business has been joyously handcrafting and happily offering these soaps to others far and near- we honestly believe they are the healthiest, loveliest soap in Canada...and maybe even the whole world! We are delighted to expand and share our ever growing collection of organic herbal skin care and wellness goods. 

  Glorious handpicked herbs steeping for soap

Tanglewood Garden & Farm ~Organic Soap & Skin Care is a professional member of: 


Our Humble Inspiring Roots

In 2012 our 12 yr old daughter Rheanne was diagnosed with bone cancer. Thankfully, utilizing surgery and an extensive holistic toxin-free protocol (after forced, conventional treatment failed), she determinedly and awesomely thrived through cancer and is now doing fantastic! 7.5 years cancer free! (For our full inspiring story:
Tanglewood Garden & Farm Fine Organic Herbal Soap was born out of the necessity to continue to keep her as toxin free as possible. Unable to find a healthy soap that met our daily needs and high standards, after researching the techniques and ingredients to craft the highest quality natural soap possible, I set about creating it. Leaning on my acquired knowledge as an award-winning landscape designer and community herbalist, it was a natural leap to incorporate the local plants renowned for their skin healing properties into the healthful soap base. Since then, I have continued to share my herbal knowledge with others via our expanding collection of herbal goods and community wellness classes throughout Alberta. 

 Rheanne, with her brother Logan, undergoing alternative cancer treatment in Mexico. 
 Rheanne in the Tanglewood courtyard after thriving through cancer, summer 2013
 Rheanne in summer 2016
Rheanne hard at work at the Tanglewood Soaparie headquarters Fall 2019
This is how our soap was born.  And quickly became a local family staple.  Now our fine soap is being gifted around the world! Our soaps are beautiful, amazingly scented, and purely organic, with the unique therapeutic benefits derived from traditional and historical healing plants. Empowering and helping families to live a healthy chemical-free lifestyle is a core value of our family run business.  We currently donate our soap to the local Woman's Shelter, any local association in our community that request , The Ronald McDonald House, and all of our soap remnants sales are donated to local charity and families in need. In 18 months, over $3000 has been raised! Thanks for your interest in our soap!
Shantel Cooke,
owner and the proud craftswoman of every bar of Tanglewood Garden & Farm Fine Organic Herbal Soap


Shantel in the Tanglewood Garden


 Horsetail growing joyously in the garden. Excellent for hair and soothing skin. Included in our Clearwater Clean shampoo bar and Herbal Skin Soother soap


Part of our wild 'n free Tanglewood veggie and herb garden early July 2015. Lush raspberries, delphinium in forefront, with fertile soil eagerly awaiting the last plantings of the season.

 Ironic fun at work -Night owls crafting Morning Glory soap! 11:11pm August 8, 2015

Our beloved Nubians, Annie, Temperance, and Frosty Bella Blue, happily grazing up to their bellies in alfalfa and wild herbs Sept 2015.

Shantel Cooke, most artistic category prize winning Canadian Soapsmith 2015 Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap

 Shantel receiving a prize in the Best Cold Process category at the Canadian Guild of Professional Soapmakers Convention October 2015 for the soap 'Christmas Joy'!


The Tanglewood Farm & Garden chore cruiser bike! We zip along the farm's paths to collect eggs, herd goats, and collect garden goodies with it! Spring 2016

The wild and magical Tanglewood meadow woodlands. Healing plants abound. Summer 2017


Soap crafted and curing at our magical Tanglewood Soaparie located in Caroline, Alberta, Canada Spring 2017. Open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Bees and blooms thriving in our organic garden. Happy, healing Calendula is in several of our products! Summer 2018

As a community herbalist, Shantel travels throughout the province sharing vibrant wellness classes and her love of plants and their medicine. Fall 2018.

Shantel collecting a beautiful bounty of herbs for our wonderful products. Summer 2020. 

Harvesting the wondrous healing comfrey from the Tanglewood woodland garden 2020.

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