Grubby Gardener in jute sack~ Organic Mint 'n Rosemary with coffee pumice


This rosemary 'n mint organic petite soap, loaded with coffee bean pumice perfect for scrubbing, is for those of us who love our hands in the dirt, our barefeet hugging the earth, all with grubby grins on our sun kissed happy faces...but who love to flop into bed clean after a great day outside! Cheers to all you grubby gardeners with happy hearts out there!

Comes in a quaint jute sack, this little chunk is the perfect soap for dirty hands, knees, and feet! It's scented with antibacterial essential oils of rosemary and mint! Grubby Gardener is great for mechanics and farm life too!

Organic (certified*) Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive and coconut, shea butter, fresh rain, sea salt, coffee pumice, cocoa, essential oils of peppermint and rosemary

45g (1/2 size bar) in burlap sack. 

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