Rest Easy Relaxation Mist~ Natural Lavender


A wonderfully simple and effective way to soothe and calm the mind, body, and soul. Excellent for unwinding, during restorative yoga, and to settle and relax during a sleepless night. With the year we've all had, this is a perfect, thoughtful gift for everyone. 

Also great for refreshing linens, bathrooms, and stagnant spaces. 

Mist room, linens, or pillow. Then be enveloped in the gentle scents of therapeutic lavender, clary sage, sweet orange, and wild geranium essential oils. 

50ml glass apothecary bottle 

Ingredients (*certified organic): water, witch hazel, essential oils of lavender*, clary sage*, sweet orange*, and wild geranium* essential oils. 

Non-toxic ingredients. No artificial fragrances or perfumes. Only healthy, natural products for our customers and their precious families! 

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