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Look What's New!

We delightfully continue to strive to create and handcrafted the best of soap and skin care, in new, earth-friendly, family-friendly, fun and lovely varieties! There's always something new and exciting in the works at our Tanglewood Soaparie!
  • Wool Felted Soap
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Wool Felted Soap


    Wool Felted Soap~ Enjoy a bar of our wonderful, winter spiced handmade Tanglewood soap wrapped in a soft wool that has been felted on. The wool acts as a washcloth built right into the bar of soap!  

    Felted soaps are a washcloth and soap, all wrapped conveniently into one. Felted soaps provide mild exfoliation, produce a luxurious lather, and last much longer than uncovered soap! When the bar is finished simply place the used wool into your garden for the birds to feather their nests. 

    • Mildly exfoliating - it has a gentle course texture to exfoliate the skin; sloughing off dead cells and  improving overall skin health

    • Non-Slip - Reduces the soap slipping out of hands; great for elderly and children

    • Handy for traveling and camping~ Anti-microbial, quick drying, convenient all in one washcloths/soap

    Made with eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable Alberta wool. The wool shrinks down with the soap, and after soap has dissolved. 

    Each soap is hand-felted in a variety of beautiful color combinations. 

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  • Body Scrubs Organic ~ Exfoliation Heaven
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Body Scrubs Organic ~ Exfoliation Heaven


    New! On occasion, our skin benefits from a thorough exfoliation. It's wonderful for removing dry, dead skin, increasing circulation; refreshing and moisturizing the skin. Our organic body scrubs are a simple, wonderful treat, leaving skin with a lovely glow! You'll be smiling on the inside too! Our scrubs are suitable for full body, including the face. 

    Body scrubs are a beautiful experience for the body - the texture, the glorious scent, the loving TLC, the soft skin that follows! The luxurious high quality organic virgin coconut oil we use smells divine and leaves the skin soft, moisturized, and nourished.

    We are delighted to offer two variations:

    Lavish Coffee & Grapefruit~ a deeply satisfying scrub. We use freshly ground, high quality organic coffee beans, this gifts our scrub an incredible scent and superb scrub. You'll never see coffee as just a tasty drink ever again after trying our scrub. And the grapefruit essential oil is the perfect pairing for an out-of-this world rich scent!

    Lively Lemongrass & Sugar~ an uplifting scrub, it will leave you smiling and full of sunshine! The high quality, organic, gorgeous amber sugar crystals we use provide slightly more exfoliation than the coffee in the Lavish Scrub. Combined with organic lemongrass essential oil, this scrub is total delight!  

    100ml glass jar Approximately 5-8 full body uses. 

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  • Facial Beauty Balm ~ Organic Moisturizer
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Facial Beauty Balm ~ Organic Moisturizer


    NEW! A dab will do of this gentle, amazing natural facial moisturizer! Crafted from gorgeous, nutrient rich, natural organic ingredients. 

    This light, whipped moisturizer includes hand harvested poplar bud oil from our Tanglewood trees- it is an incredible, ancient skin soothing remedy. It is very labour intensive to produce, but so worth it. I am thrilled to offer this beautiful, organic facial skin food to our customers! 

    Apply to damp skin. Superb for lips and dry hair ends too.

    50ml glass jar- enough for 60 uses approx. 100ml glass jar- enough for 120 uses approx.

    Available in two wonderful scents, with the added skin benefits each essential oil also provides:

    Lavender & Rosemary, this a bright, clean and calming scent- essential oils of lavender*, rosemary*, wild geranium*, sweet orange*

    Earthy Patchouli, this is sensual, amazing scent - essential oils of patchouli*, clary sage, ylang ylang, lavender*, sweet orange*, sandalwood 

    Ingredients (certified organic*): olive oil*, raw shea butter*, virgin coconut oil*, camellia seed oil*, local beeswax, calendula*, poplar bud, vit e*, essential oils*

    For external use only. Stop use if irritation
    occurs. Use within 12 months.

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  • 15 Bulk Soap Bars
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    15 Bulk Soap Bars


    15 unwrapped, various sized and shaped bars of our wonderful, organic soap for $90 ($6 each)

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  • Botanical Bath Soaks ~ relaxing for body, mind, and soul
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Botanical Bath Soaks ~ relaxing for body, mind, and soul


    New! Botanical Bath Soaks. A wonderful melody of herbs and natural ingredients to calm and soothe the body, mind, and soul!

    Directions: Add to bath water. Soak and relax. Repeat as needed.

    Available in 3 wonderful blends:

    Earthy Wintergreen & Willow
    Lively Lemongrass & Calendula
    Lovely Lavender & Wild Geranium

    Small bag- 300g enough for approx 4 soaks

    Large bag- 1200g enough for 12-15 soaks

    Ingredients: Epsom salt, Himalayan pink sea salt, Brazilian sea salt, natural food-grade baking soda, willow leaf (superb for aching muscles), medicinal plant petals, essential oils

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  • Green Goodness Herbal Ointment
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Green Goodness Herbal Ointment


    Relieve sore muscles, aching shoulders, painful knees, and skin irritations with loads of amazing, wild Alberta herbs from our Tanglwood woodland farm and gardens in this gentle, effective organic ointment! This is our families go-to for all body aches and ills. 
    Directions: Rub a thin layer onto clean, dry, unbroken skin. Repeat as needed.

    Ingredients (certified organic*) : shea butter*, olive oil*, coconut oil*, local beeswax, poplar bud, plantain, calendula, chickweed, arnica, dandelion, wintergreen essential oil

    For external use only. Stop use if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Use within 12 months.

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  • Soap Samplers! Variety pack of 3 mini Tanglewood organic body soaps
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Soap Samplers! Variety pack of 3 mini Tanglewood organic body soaps


    Charming little twine pack samplers that include 3 one-third size bars (approx 40g each) of our creamy Tanglewood organic body soap, in all manner of delightful scents and designs.

    Wonderful for gifting guests, friends, teachers, and are beautiful as little thank-you’s or added to gift baskets! Of course, you can simply enjoy them yourself! 

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  • Happy Locks~ Organic Herbal Hair Serum
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Happy Locks~ Organic Herbal Hair Serum


    New! Happy Locks Herbal Hair Serum in 100ml glass pump! Enough for 6-12 months of use. 

    We are so delighted to offer this as part of our organic, natural hair care collection! Toxin-free hair care is essential since everything put on the scalp is rapidly absorbed. Unlike many hair conditioners (including zero waste conditioning bars), our serum does not include harmful, filler, artificial ingredients. 

    Instead, I chose the best organic plant oils for hair, then infused them with beneficial hair herbs of wild Tanglewood horsetail (strengthening), calendula (conditioning), and dandelion (nourishing), and added hair loving essential oils to create this wonderful serum!

    With raw natural ingredients easily recognized by your hair, it absorbs readily and beautifully, and will not leave a build-up of residual artificial ingredients. This serum has been tested on three hair types (straight/thick/coarse, long/wavy/damaged, natural curly/thin/dry) for the past 10 months, and it has been wonderfully beneficial for all; leaving hair healthier, stronger, and softer, with a natural sheen.

    From settling frizz to deep conditioning, our Happy Locks will quickly become your new must-have favourite! 

    To use:

    Damaged ends: Rub a couple drops onto wet or dry hair ends daily. Adjust according to hair damage.
    Weekly conditioning: Massage a dropperful into dry hair prior to washing or into clean wet hair.
    Deep conditioning: Massage two droppersful into warm wet or dry hair. Wrap in hot towel. Leave overnight. Wash in a.m.


    Ingredients (certified organic*) : camellia oil*, virgin coconut oil*, jobjoba oil*, sweet almond oil, horsetail leaf, calendula flower, dandelion flower, vitamin E, essential oils of tea tree*, lavender*, rosemary*, peppermint*, ylang ylang

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  • Tanglewood Bundle
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Tanglewood Bundle


    Enjoy a big, beautiful bundle of Tanglewood goodness with our new Earthy, Lively, Lovely, or Manly bundles!

    All preset Bundles include:

    ~ 900 ml Lemongrass Laundry Soap

    ~ 200 ml All Purpose Liquid Soap

    ~ 50 ml Botanical Deodorant

    ~ 50 ml Organic Lotion Balm

    ~ 2 Bar Soap, specially hand picked!


    Earthy ~  Mint & Rosemary Liquid Soap, Tea Tree & Bergamot Deodorant, Spiced Coconut Lotion

    Lively ~ Lively Lemongrass Liquid Soap, Grapefruit, Ginger & Cedarwood Deodorant, Lemon Lotion Balm

    Lovely ~ Lavender & Wild Geranium Liquid Soap and Deodorant, Gentle Baby Lavender & Calendula Lotion

    Manly ~ Mint & Rosemary Liquid Soap, Spearmint & Sandalwood Deodorant, Man! That's the Balm! Lotion Balm

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  • Liquid Soap Refill 500ml ~ Ah-mazing All-Purpose Organic Soap
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    Tanglewood Garden & Farm Organic Soap & Skin Care

    Liquid Soap Refill 500ml ~ Ah-mazing All-Purpose Organic Soap


     If you've already enjoyed our natural and organic all-purpose liquid soap made from organic oils of coconut and sunflower, you can now get a 500ml refill bottle!

    Refill your liquid soap jar with your favorite scent:


    • Made with organic vegetable oils
    • Made with organic essential oils
    • No synthetic fragrances or perfumes
    • No surfactants
    • No parabens 
    • No Sulfates (SLS & SLES)
    • No PEGS, PPG or DEA
    • No Glycols
    • No Phthalates
    • No mineral oil compounds

    Ingredients (certified organic*) : water, saponified sunflower oil* (potassium oleate), saponified coconut oil* (potassium cocoate), glycerin*, essential oils*, potassium citrate, citric acid

    For external use only.
    Do not use if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes.

    "My dog had a skunk encounter but fortunately was spared a direct hit.  She was stinky though.  Fluffy Doggo cleaned her right up!  I don't know what level of spray the soap would knock down but in this case I was really happy not to have to break out the peroxide and baking soda. :) " ~Kim, Ontario

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