No.1 DAD~ Spearmint & Sandalwood Organic Shaving Soap


In appreciation of all the awesome Dads out there...our best-selling '57 Chevy Spearmint n' Sandalwood organic shaving soap is now featured with a special No.1 DAD label!

This awesome soap includes bentonite clay for a smooth, classic shave, skin soothing oatmeal, as well as skin nourishing shea butter and avocado oil. Superb for sensitive skin. This fine soap is well loved by ladies and gents alike!  

Backside reads:

"Thank you for being an awesome Dad!
Enjoy this handsome, rich lathering, gentle bar
that’s almost as great as you!
It’s is fabulous for all body needs- shaving, facial, and body!"

Organic (certified*) Ingredients: Saponified oils* of olive, coconut, castor, and avocado, shea butter*, spring water, bentonite clay, burdock*, nettle*, thyme*, comfrey*, activated charcoal, essential oils* of spearmint, eucalyptus, clary sage, sandalwood, bergamot, amber resin


"Every single time my hubby shaves with this soap he raves and I mean RAVES about how his face feels and how his skin no longer hurts. Every single time I tell you! ...I wonder when he will just settle and love the soap LOL without having to tell me every time how great it is LOL." -Nadine, Spruce View, AB. 

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