Lemongrass Natural Laundry Soap

$0.00 $18.00
900ml glass jar $18
125ml sample jar $6
1 Gallon tub (3.8L) $60

Not a liquid, not a powder, simply use 1 tbsp of this concentrated laundry cream soap per average-soiled, average-sized load.

$18.00-Convenient space-saving 900mL reusable glass jar. Approx 35-50 loads. HE washer safe.

Also available in 125ml sample size glass jar ($6) and 3.8L pail ($60. Save $12!) 

This is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, healthy laundry soap that is safe for the whole family. Gently scented with uplifting lemongrass pure essential oil, known for it's natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. An awesome stain cleaner of old shoes, throw rugs, and soiled work and farm clothes. It's also a fantastic all-natural cleaner for floors, walls, and as dishwasher detergent. My husband also says it's the best hand cleaner for removing oil and grease! 

I just absolutely love this soap. It makes my clothes smell so fresh. There is no soap I would use instead." ~Judith Nanasi

"Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I love your Lemongrass Laundry Soap. Over the years, we have switched from the standard store varieties to organic laundry soap to soap nuts and now to Tanglewood's soap. Our merino sweaters, linens and even the car blankets we use for our dogs have been purged of chemicals! The difference in the feel of merino, especially, is amazing. Earthy Accents in Bentley introduced us to your soap and we are so grateful. Thank you, Tanglewood, for bringing a new clean into our lives." ~Donna Spencer

Happy Facebook Customers:

" I think it's great! I never use any fabric softener, but find it wouldn't even be necessary because everything that comes out of the dryer is static-free and soft."

"LOVING IT!!! and I'm keeping track of the number of loads and I think your label is low"

"Loving the fresh smell!!!"

"I have been using the lemongrass laundry soap, it works wonderfully on anything I have washed, but I love when we wash our towels in it and get an uplifting whiff of lemongrass after my morning shower. It also works really well on removing odors from stinky sportswear"


Sometimes crystals form in the jar. Is this okay?
Yes. The crystals are annoying but harmless. They will not effect the effectiveness of the soap. 
The natural cleansing minerals in the formula clump easily when exposed to humidity. The clumping or hardening action is hastened with moisture and heat. Which can sometimes occur after the soap has been opened and sitting for a few weeks. Regardless they still leave the laundry clean, fresh, and soft. 
So proceed normally, using them exactly as if they were in the cream form. If they really bother you, you can add 1 cup of hot water to dissolve them before pouring on laundry. But this is not necessary. 

Ingredients: Saponified certified organic coconut oil, unrefined natural borax powder, unrefined natural sodium carbonate, fresh water, sea salt, certified organic lemongrass essential oil

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