Leah Bella~ Heavenly Organic Goat Milk 'n Mint Soap


For dry, sensitive, or problematic skin.

The first scent of this elegant peppermint and clary sage goat milk soap is pure bliss! It's our families favourite! Lean Bella is a heavenly, silky lathering bar of gentle goat milk fresh from our family farm! Graced with Tanglewood heritage roses.

In honour of the loveliest lady ~our dear Grandma Leah. Upon crafting this soap for the first time, I took one heavenly smell and knew it was deserving of a worthy name. Thus it became Leah (our Grandma now in heaven) and Bella (beautiful)!

 Leah Mabel Cooke, a truly lovely lady

We hope you enjoy this beautiful soap as much as we do!

Organic (certified*) Ingredients: Saponified oils* of olive, coconut, and palm, shea butter*, spring water, goat milk, sea salt, rose petals, essential oils* of peppermint and clary sage