Rustic Soul~ Cinnamon & Calendula Organic Sea Salt Soap

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For normal skin

Invigorate circulation with an abundance of lively, warming, scented spices, while nourishing dry skin with the calendulaCreates a beautiful lather. We call this soap the 'couples soap' for its rich husky scent that is adored by guys and gals alike- great for sharing!

Calendula, herbal goddess of summer, is an ancient skin soothing plant, it’s sunny petals calm angry skin, burns, blemishes, bites, and more. We delightfully grow a beautiful abundance each summer in our Tanglewood organic garden and include it in this fantastic soap, and many of our other skin care items, including our lotion balms and Green Goddess Herbal Ointment. 

Ingredients (certified organic*): Saponified oils of olive*, coconut*, sustainable palm* and shea butter*, spring water, sea salt, calendula petals, essential oils of cinnamon, sweet orange, vanilla, cedarwood atlas, and clove


Absolutely NO: artificial or synthetic fragrances or colours, chemicals, dyes, pesticides, herbicides, GMO's, or preservatives.

Tanglewood Garden Soaps are the lovely simple collaboration of high quality organic carrier oils, organic herbs, plants,  and food, organic essential oils, and food grade lye. We proudly only use food (spices, herbs, citrus zest, fresh juiced vegetables, etc) and detoxifiers (activated charcoal and superfoods) to create the beautiful, natural colours and textures. We only include the highest quality therapeutic grade organic essential oils for scent and aromatherapy benefits. Medicinal plants, flowers, and herbs are hand harvested from the generous, giving plants growing on our 80 acres of land. We humbly and delightfully turn them into wonderful, healing soaps. 


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