This is Our Reason For Crafting Soap!

This is Our Reason For Crafting Soap!

Who is this young beauty you ask? And what does she have to do with Tanglewood Organic Soap? Everything! She is the reason and inspiration our soap came to be. She is my daughter Rheanne.

After thriving through cancer by utilizing surgery and natural/alternative protocols to heal her, it was important to keep her skin, our largest detox organ, clear and free from toxins. Unable to find a 'natural' soap I felt comfortable with her using, I researched and began crafting our own using premium organic ingredients, skin-soothing herbs from our gardens and woodland, and raw goat milk from our Tanglewood Farm goats! It quickly became a family staple in our community and now we are humbled and thrilled to share this soap of premium goodness and love with others throughout the lands! Available at over 40 retail locations throughout Western Canada and online everywhere else. Our Rainbow after the rain! Rheanne now happily wraps soap while she saves up for her first car!

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