~Meet the Maker~

~Meet the Maker~

Meet the Maker!

I, Shantel Cooke, am Tanglewood's joyous soapstress! I began handcrafting soap 5 years ago in an effort to keep my then 12 yr old daughter as toxin free as possible while she holistically healed from bone cancer. As our Nan beautifully recovered, Tanglewood Garden & Farm organic soap and skin care blossomed! Our family run business is now honoured and delighted to share wellness with others! 

With my wonderful husband, I love watching my two teens and gorgeous wild gardens grow on our 80 acres organic woodland farm near Caroline, AB with our 3 dogs, Thistle the cat, funky goats, heritage chickens, 6 gentle cows, and posse of horses.
I'm also fortunate to be an award-winning landscape designer and accomplished herbalist. I adore food, family, travel, plants, hiking, vintage cruiser bikes, the wisdom in the trees, and spending as much time in the mountains as possible! Folks continuously comment about the loads of energy I always have; I'm passionate about vibrant, natural wellness and I love, love, love making high quality, healthful, nourishing soap & skin care and am thrilled that all of you enjoy it! So very looking forward to all the goodness in store for 2019! 
photo credit: http://www.lyndsaygreenwood.ca/

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