Warmest Wishes for Christmas Joy

Warmest Wishes for Christmas Joy

I crafted the last batch of Christmas Joy last week. It has become like a dear old friend to me, many hours spent late at night together, quietly pondering life and thinking about all of the good people who were going to receive this joyous soap. Thinking of all the smiles, love, and fun shared together this Christmas!

In the fall I spent many a lovely morn in the forests surrounding my home gathering the wee little wild Alberta bunchberries that elegantly grace the top of Christmas Joy. Although not edible, I've always loved these cheery red little berries, and was happy to have found a way to further enjoy them. These mornings spent picking little Miss Bunchberry were quiet, reflective, and happy, allowing me to connect and ground with the Earth. I thank all of you for that. Had you not bought my soap I would not have had the pleasure of these special moments, just me and Mother Nature. With her teaching me so much each time. Her wisdom is available to all of us, we only need listen.

And then, there was the collecting of the kinnikinick! This bright evergreen is also one of my very favourites. There are large blankets of kinnikinick growing in the west country that are simply gorgeous. This tough little ground hugger reminds us just to merrily keep on going; no matter the obstacle, we can grow, move around it, or clamour over it, if need be. This little gem even stays shiny green in the winter! The kinnikinick I conscientiously harvested for Christmas Joy was done so often in the warm sunlight of late afternoon. Just like the bunchberry, much gratitude to all who bought Christmas Joy for the lovely hours I spend quietly, joyously collecting it! Also, deep gratitude to these plants for allowing me to harvest and share their generous, gorgeous gifts!

I did not keep count, but I hand crafted and embellished hundreds of bars of Christmas Joy, each one near and dear to my heart. This beautiful soap won second prize for best soap in 2015 from the Canadian Guild of Professional Soapmakers, so I am humbled and proud to have crafted it. It brings me great delight to think of all of the people already enjoying it and all those who will lather up with it after Christmas!

Like a good book, I am saddened to say good bye. I learnt a lot from this soap. This soap improved and honed my skills as a soap crafter. It taught me more about patience. More about perfecting something. Christmas Joy will stay with me for some time. And perhaps like many good things do, this soap will become a tradition, like a dear friend I get to await and revisit once a year! To all of those who bought and received Christmas Joy -Enjoy! Know that each bar was made with lots of love, joy, and care!

From me (Shantel) and all the fine plants and their generous goodness that make up this beautiful soap! We wish you so much Christmas Joy! Warmest wishes for all of the joys this festive time offers- laughter, love, celebrations, kinship, fabulous feasts, special moments, and merriment! Enjoy this luxurious spiced soap in honour of this marvelous season and its entire splendor!
May peace, joy, and love be yours!

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